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10-Step Guide For Selling Your Home in 2021

10-Step Guide For Selling Your Home in 2021

After the enormous ups and downs in the property market happened in 2020, we have stepped into 2021. As per property experts, this year is going to be huge for the housing market as the prices have recovered and property sales are on the rise.  

From preparing your property to create a good impression and finding the potential buyer, we have listed 10 important steps that you need to follow while selling your home.  

1: Tidy Up Your Home  

Make sure your home is tidy. Discard what can be eliminated. Temporarily store your personal items that do not matter, for example, in the storage room. When your home is tidy, this gives a peaceful feeling to the buyer. In addition, this provides more space in your home. This also means, for example, that you don’t have any clutter lying around in a corner or that you have an open laundry basket with clothes in the bathroom. That really makes a good impression.  

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2: Provide a Neutral Interior  

A personal touch is not bad, but when selling your home, it is important that it is neutral. You are not aware of the buyer’s taste. Color is allowed, but not too crazy. Not too many plants. No hobbies that got out of hand. Most people like it neutral and sleek but cozy. Let your home smell nice. Not by chemical means but by, for example, airing a lot. Keep in mind that many prospective buyers are allergic to flowers and pets. So, ensure following these things.   

3: Overdue maintenance  

Make sure that your home is not only clean and fresh but also that there is as little overdue maintenance as possible. This may seem obvious but is one of the most useful tips. The prospective buyers are critical, for example, looking critically at moderate paintwork, missing roof tiles, leaking taps, and much more. They are also often things that you, as a seller, have become used to. Small problems such as a door that sticks, a loose banister, damp spots in the bathroom, and weeds in the garden etc. A well-maintained house sells better.  

4: Determine The Right Asking Price With The Right Sales Agent

Selling your property

What does your home really yield? Always listen carefully to the expert advice of the agent. Knox Property Experts regularly carry out property appraisals and can therefore advise you well about an expected yield. In addition, think from the perspective of the market/buyer. Is the asking price realistic? Choose the correct asking price that falls into the correct price and search category. Get good advice about this. Is it better now to have an asking price of $ 224,500 or $ 226,000 or an asking price of $ 225,000? By setting the asking price too high in the market, you may scare off potential buyers. You may know that there is still room for negotiation, but the potential buyer does not know. An asking price that is too low is, of course, also not desirable.  

5: Own Good Photos and Video  

Selling your home

Good professional photos of your property for sale are important! Pictures say more than words. Home photography seems so easy, but let the professional do it. This does not only apply to the photos but to the entire marketing. In addition to professional photography, a complete video and clear floor plans could look appealing. Buying a home is not a packet of butter; it is an emotion, they are dreams, and that also includes a good appeal.   

6: Marketing is a must  

One house sells more easily than another house. Nevertheless, a combination of perfect marketing, timing, and the network is a prerequisite for the best sales price. It is about having the right people view your home at the right time. Your home must at least be presented on listing sites such as A good real estate agent would help you market your home on online platforms.  

7: List your home on Social MediaProperty marketing

Social Media: an indispensable factor for many people and therefore one of the most important tips for house sales. This medium has a particularly wide range. This is also a profession in itself. Is the message read and shared sufficiently? Whether or not you use Social Media, agents at Knox Property Experts do, of course. Many potential buyers (or friends of) have an account on Instagram or Facebook. This way, your home reaches the right target group.   

8: Viewing and negotiating  

A real estate agent never sells his own house! A home of your own is an emotion. Where there is emotion, sometimes fewer good decisions are made or even mistakes are made. The client is king and, in this case, is the candidate buyer. So, it’s not about whether an owner is a good seller. The best real estate agent in Wantirna South or whatever your suburb is, will help you better present your property to the potential buyers and get the most out of the deal.  

9: Legal matters   

selling your property

Make sure that a good purchase contract is concluded for you. What about the public law restrictions, the perpetual clauses, the pre-emptive right, the resolutive conditions? Have you mentioned all the clauses in section 32? While selling your property, it is crucial to define all the details and terms of purchase in your contract of sale. Your agent will help you do all the legal formalities.   

10: Network  

And last but not least, but of all home selling tips at least as important and perhaps even more important: the network. Take an agent with a large network! A real estate agent needs to know who is looking, what they are looking for when they are looking, and what potential buyers are willing to pay. Real estate is people’s business. It is not wise to have a real estate agent from Queensland to sell your house in Wantirna South. There is no binding at all. We have been expanding our network since 1980. If you want to sell a property in KnoxfieldWantirna South, or the surrounding area, you are guaranteed an extensive network if you choose Knox Property Experts. 


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